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Ziath Announce the Launch of a New Dual Capability Coded Tube Reader

New Dual Capability Coded Tube Reader by Ziath

Ziath announce the launch of a new dual capability coded tube reader – the Duo. This affordably priced addition to the Ziath range combines the proven 2D-barcode reading technology of the Uno single tube reader with the fast accurate linear...

Sample Management of Covid-19 Cryobox Tube Racks

Ziath reports on the widespread adoption of its DataPaq™ Cube rack reader in Covid-19 testing labs for tracking of sample tubes cryogenically stored in cryoboxes. Keeping track of large numbers of Covid-19 RNA extraction samples can be an onerous task. Many labs around the world...

Rapid 2D Barcode Rack Scanners help lower the cost of COVID-19 PCR Testing

Ziath reports how its super-fast 2D barcode rack readers are assisting leading COVID-19 testing lab – SummerBio LLC (Menlo Park, California, USA) to offer rapid, low-cost, high-volume testing solutions for educational organizations, employers and laboratories. SummerBio was conceived during the early stages of the...

Network Enabled Remote Sample Management

DP5 Network is the latest version of Ziath's market leading 2D rack decoding web browser software designed to unchain scientists from their lab bench. Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols - DP5 Network can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or...
Ziath OEM Instruments

OEM Instruments for Secure Sample Tracking

Ziath offer a complete OEM design, development and supply service based upon its extensive experience of creating high performance 2D barcoded tube scanners and rack readers for biobanking, compound library, pathology and COVID-19 sample management applications. Over the last 15 years - Ziath...

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