Sekisui XenoTech Research Biobank Adds Fatty Liver Disease Assets

Micrograph of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Masson's trichrome & Verhoeff stain. Source: Nephron, no changes made, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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Sekisui XenoTech, LLC is a global Contract Research Organization (CRO). Established for almost 25 years, the company offers an ever-evolving selection of cell and tissue-based products, screening, radiolabeling, API manufacturing, in vitro ADME Tox and pharmacology, in vivo ADME Tox and QWBA, metabolite ID and production, bioanalytical services and consulting. The company now offers human liver tissue microarrays and a microsomal pool for studying and developing new treatments for fatty liver disease (FLD). The microsomes and arrays feature non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and other liver tissue from the company’s Research Biobank.

“Research Biobank tissue is collected and preserved with the initial intent for human transplantation, making it perfect for investigations of NASH, drug metabolizing enzymes, transporters, biomarkers, molecules, etc., and their role in pathogenesis,” commented Dr. Czerwinski. The specimens are available in quantities larger than those obtained during needle biopsies, and are collected in a timely manner as opposed to a typical post-mortem after several hours of warm ischemia. The arrays are cut in small batches and stored at 4° under nitrogen. Some of the company’s Research Biobank liver tissue samples are individually available in buffer (pre-lysate), paraffin blocks and slides or as hepatocyte and subcellular fraction isolations. The company also processes tissues from many other organs. Sekisui XenoTech has accumulated the specimens from over 20 years of providing in vitro drug-drug interaction studies as part of its contract research services.

“Fatty liver disease is a highly pervasive condition that has a very significant impact on the health of modern society. We are supporting hepatology researchers with these collections of high-quality human tissues to advance basic knowledge of FLD and to develop new treatments for the illness,” explained Maciej Czerwinski, Ph.D., Sekisui XenoTech Director of Consulting. Dr. Czerwinski led the effort to establish the company’s Research Biobank and developed the microarrays.

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