SCTbio Partners with Cyto-care to Enhance Cell Therapy Cryopreservation and Logistics Advancements in Europe

SCTbio Partners with Cyto-care to Enhance Cell Therapy Cryopreservation and Logistics Advancements in Europe
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SCTbio, a comprehensive contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with expertise in cell-based therapy and viral vectors, has entered into a collaboration agreement with GmbH, a specialized firm in advanced solutions for cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Together, they aim to enhance cryopreservation techniques for cell therapy development in Europe. The objective of this partnership is to address the crucial requirement for efficient processes in collecting, cryopreserving, ensuring quality control, and managing the logistics capabilities of leukapheresis materials. These improvements are essential to facilitate different stages of the cell therapy workflow.

The process of cell collection through the leukapheresis technique is a crucial and essential stage in the production of advanced cell therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). These cutting-edge medical treatments are derived from human cells or tissues and have become life-saving therapies. The success of the final therapeutic product heavily relies on the quantity and quality of immune cells collected, such as T cells and natural killer cells, which are used in these cell therapies.

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Therefore, it directly impacts the potency, safety, and effectiveness of the treatment. The effective cryopreservation and well-organized logistics of these leukapheresis materials play a crucial role to ensure the preservation of cell viability and functionality throughout the process of transportation and storage.

SCTbio and have a shared commitment to revolutionizing the distribution of high quality blood materials obtained from leukapheresis to healthcare experts across Europe. Their primary goal is to drive progress in medical research and facilitate the creation of personalized therapies, ultimately resulting in better patient results. By combining their efforts, and SCTbio aim to establish a dependable and easily accessible platform for gathering, analyzing, preserving, and transporting leukapheresis samples.

Luděk Sojka, CEO of SCTbio, stated, “We are thrilled to combine both forces and expertise with, a European leader in producing quality blood-based products from leukapheresis, through this strategic partnership. As the cell and gene therapy field continues to advance, the demand for leukapheresis materials is expected to increase. Clinical trials and commercial production of these therapies require a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality blood-derived products to meet patient needs.”

“Through rigorous analysis and in-depth discussions with the experts of the field, the Needle-to-Freezing time has been identified as a crucial factor for success for the development and manufacturing of ATMPs,” said Klaus Fischer,’s Managing Director. “Through this collaboration with SCTbio, we can ensure that our leukapheresis products from patients and from donors continue to meet the high quality standards of our customers’ requirements.”