Sampled Expand Global Footprint with New Lab in UK


  • 3000sqft Sampled SMART Lab expansion based in UK
  • New capabilities for European clients focussed on biosample research and analysis
  • Capabilities include genomics, epigenomics, PBMC isolation, bioprocessing, DNA/RNA extraction and sample storage

Infinity BiologiX LLC d/b/a Sampled SMART Labs, open new lab in Glasgow, UK. The facility, based in Glasgow, UK, is a state-of-the-art 3000sqft biosample research and analysis lab focused on the delivery of Sampled Smart Labs service offerings to European clients. Established in BioCity, Scotland’s incubator for life sciences, the lab is surrounded by innovation and houses the latest in genomics and bioprocessing technologies.

“Since the acquisition of Roylance Pharma on the same site and subsequent rebranding to Sampled, this expansion is the first major step in proudly rolling out our Sampled SMART Labs in the UK. We’ve seen tremendous growth as an organization both commercially and operationally so launching a new lab to accelerate our UK based European operations by leveraging the expertise from our other sites is exactly how we’ll take our business to the next level, and beyond.” said Benedict Roylance, Sampled Chief Strategy Officer.

“I would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone involved in getting the new lab open for the business of offering expanded support to our European clients. This opening sets the tone for how we will look to further expand our business and the Sampled SMART Labs concept globally.” said Robin Grimwood, Sampled CEO.

Featured Partners

Set up to handle a wide range of client projects, the new lab is equipped with leading technologies from a number of providers including the; Illumina sequencing platforms, ThermoFisher QuantStudio Real-time PCR system, Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360 & JANUS G3, Unchained Labs Lunatic, Hamilton Microlab STAR, SPT Apricot Liquid Handlers and many more. These technologies are leveraged using the Sampled SMART Lab concept which puts the sample at the heart of lab operations and focuses on the Storage, Management, Analysis, Research and Transport of biosamples.

About Sampled:

Sampled is a next-generation laboratory that unlocks the valuable data in any biological sample. Through our integrated “Sampled SMART Lab” services, we can Store, Manage, Analyze, Research and Transport biological materials, offering partners a seamless solution for all research samples. Our vision is a world where we make it faster and easier for health innovators to improve human health, with a mission for Sampled SMART Labs to be behind every transformative health innovation. Sampled is headquartered in Piscataway, N.J. with labs across the US and Europe and partner labs in the Netherlands, China and Australia.

Infinity BiologiX LLC, Roylance Stability Storage Limited and Roylance Scientific Limited are doing business as Sampled. For more information, please visit