Whitepaper: How Do You Justify an Automated Biobank in Your Business Plan?

Within sample management, new automated technologies are regularly being implemented to improve the efficiency and productivity of workflows and increase the consistency and reproducibility of data. While automated processes are known to reduce manual error and provide cost savings...

Autoscribe Releases LIMS System Validation White Paper

Autoscribe Informatics, a leading global laboratory informatics provider, announced the release of a new white paper on the validation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The white paper discusses what LIMS validation is and the steps involved, the responsibilities...

Introducing Agilent SLIMS for Information Management

An introduction to Agilent SLIMS, a simple laboratory information management system designed to help your laboratory run more efficiently. Learn more at: https://explore.agilent.com/AgilentSlims

arktic XC by SPT Labtech: biobanking reimagined

Creating a network of compact arktic storage units for high integrity, affordable and truly scalable biostorage, meeting your needs for today and tomorrow. Learn More

White Paper – Using a LIMS to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Profitability

Autoscribe Informatics has published a new white paper entitled: "Using a LIMS to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Profitability". This comprehensive document can be downloaded at: https://www.autoscribeinformatics.com/resources/using-a-lims-to-improve-laboratory-efficiency-and-profitability. It highlights the extensive capabilities that a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) can provide...

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