Recent Bioinformatic Developments With Impact For Biobanks

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Altos and WASAI Offer Accelerated Genome Sequencing Solution

Altos Computing, a subsidiary of Acer, is collaborating with WASAI Technology, which focuses on big data. They are together launching a human genome sequencing program that uses Altos BrainSphere AI computing platform combined with WASAI’s proprietary software. It is built on the Altos R380 F4 platform and is compatible with most industry-leading CPUs, Memory DIMM slots, and high-speed IO.

“We’ve definitely seen an upward trend when it comes to clients requesting fully integrated systems to handle the growing demands of big data analysis,” – Jackie Lee, president of Altos Computing

Genomenon Partners with Google for Genomic Data

Genomenon is partnering with Google to make its genomic mutation data available on Google Cloud Platform. Genomenon’s Cited Variants Reference (CVR) data will be available in BigQuery as a public dataset. BigQuery is Google Cloud’s big data and machine learning data warehouse used for genomic applications.

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Genomenon’s Mastermind genomic database holds a comprehensive index of genomic literature. The CVR will be designed to assist clinicians and researchers in prioritizing and scaling their interpretation of genomic data.

1CellBiO Presents Custom Targeted Bead Program for Single-Cell Analysis

1CellBiO, a single-cell analysis company, is offering a new program to supply customers with its proprietary inDrophydrogel beads. These are synthesized with custom primers that target transcripts specified by their clients. It allows researchers to focus their sequencing depth on specific genes of interest instead of the full transcriptome.

“We believe the ability to customize and target transcriptional regions of interest will accelerate clinical and pharmaceutical research applications of single-cell RNA-seq.” – Colin J.H. Brenan, 1CellBio’s chief executive officer

Qatar Biobank Chooses BC Platforms for Genomic and Phenotypic Data Management

Qatar Biobank, a member of Qatar Foundation (QF) and part of QF Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI), signed an agreement with BC Platforms, a leader in genomic data management and analytics. BC Platforms will provide a Research Collaboration Management System (RCMS) and Researchers Portal for Qatar Biobank. QF collects data and biological samples from the local population to develop customized medical solutions to diseases and health issues common in the country.

“As the Qatar National Research Strategy strives to improve the health and well-being of Qatar’s population, scientific research collaborations enabled by Qatar Biobank are the key to impacting the future of personalized healthcare in Qatar and the region.” – Nahla Afifi, director of Qatar Biobank