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XiltriX Real-Time Biobank Lab and Environmental Monitoring

XiltriX real-time laboratory and environmental monitoring for biobanks provides accurate, detailed, and valuable data from cold-storage devices and ambient environmental parameters. Biobanks, blood banks and tissue banks use this data for immediate notifications in the event of deviations or failures and to gather important insights on devices through predictive analytics.

XiltriX managed monitoring services alleviates the burden of having to manage a monitoring system internally. XiltriX operates as a safety net for biobanks. XiltriX includes an autonomous, 24/7 laboratory monitoring solution with industrial-grade hardware and cloud-based software, with the added-value of the XiltriX Safety Net team of experts in monitoring. The XiltriX Safety Net team implements, configures, and manages the system for you, providing 24/7 support that enables biobank personnel to focus on more important scientific processes.

XiltriX can be fully validated and is compliant with all industry quality and regulatory standards. XiltriX checks data in real-time for any amount of biobank laboratory sensors, assets, and equipment. The system gathers data from sensor points securely in the cloud and generates public or personal alarms when any parameter deviates from set limits. The system is designed with redundant architecture and multiple layers of safety to prevent any data loss or downtime.

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