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SLIMS is a digital platform used for managing all information in a laboratory. It is an all-in-one package which allows customers to track samples, interact with lab equipment and offers full data lifecycle management. SLIMS provides laboratories with one integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) + Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) environment that tracks data and samples from the original sample shipment down to the result from lab machines and in-silico analysis pipelines.

The platform provides an environment to support the increasing complexity of handling, sharing, analyzing and understanding data generated by any laboratory active in research, next-generation sequencing, diagnostics or biobanking. Currently used by over 90 labs worldwide, from small research facilities up to large governmental institutions, SLIMS helps scientists manage millions of samples and results.

SLIMS supports a bunch of regulatory stuff (ISO 15189, 17025, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, CLIA compliance) which basically means that all the stringent regulations our clients have to subscribe to, whether they're experimenting on corn or working with human samples, SLIMS will meet.

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