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LabCollector LIMS + ELN

LabCollector is a all-in-one lab web software. Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector will manage a variety useful lab information, everything from a single sample, to sample storage, reagents (and ordering) to SOPs and equipment manintenence and calibrations. It truly is a unique, affordable, expandable and customizable collaborative interface suitable accross many verticals. Expand the LIMS to suit your needs by adding addons.

With the addition of ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), you can save and manage your experimental results with our ELN module. Built as a collaborative platform you can create books and share them with lab collaborators. It is versatile with the possibility to generate Workflows based on specific templates. Use Workflow and page templates for routine work or free and flexible experiment records for research activity.

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