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FluidX Next-Gen Sample Storage Tubes

The FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tube range benefit from nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing and supplying coded tubes to biobanks, compound management groups, basic research labs, genomic labs and more. A Next-Generation manufacturing technique is used to integrate 2 resin colors into the same tube enabling high-resolution coding and reliable readability. With several industry-leading key benefits FluidX Next-Gen Sample Tubes help protect sample integrity and support lab efficiency, these key benefits are:

  • No detectable leachables or extractables
  • High quality manufacturing with enhanced testing
  • Flexibility of true working volume with a broad range of tubes
  • Traceability with multiple coding options (Tri-coded, Dual-coded, 2D-coded, 1D-code, Human Readable)
  • Secure sealing (external thread, internal thread, septum, heat seal)
  • Permanently laser etched to ensure codes are not lost/damaged
  • High contrast for reliable readability, compatible with a broad range of readers especially the Perception HD from Brooks Life Sciences.

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