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Accurate™ Data Curation Solution

To enable efficient biobank research the clinical data associated with the samples needs to be the best quality possible - as good results rely on good data. By ensuring that the data is in unified and consistent formats, biobanks provide researchers with the capability to unlock new insights with data research. MediSapiens has developed solutions and technologies to support biobanks to ensure their data is unified and consistent in a time- and cost-efficient manner, yet ensuring the best possible patient privacy.

Accurate™ combines data curation and automated ontology mapping functions to efficiently curate clinical and phenotypic datasets and ontologize these. It also adds a quality assurance process, ensuring human error is reduced to a minimum. With Accurate™ you can save time and resources in the curation and ontology mapping processes, with immediate reductions of up to 75% in time spent.

Accurate™ data curation solution provides a framework for organizational curation rules and workflows, ensuring standard practices in the curation process across teams in different locations, with smart memory and learning built-in.

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