Predictive Technology Group Acquires Use Of Taueret Laboratories’ Biobank Assets

Salt Lake City. Source: ID 12019, no changes made, CC0 Creative Commons.
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Predictive Technology Group, Inc. has announced that it has acquired DNA and ancestry assets, including significant genetic data related to women’s diseases and degenerative disc disease from Taueret Laboratories, LLC.

Predictive Technology Group, with subsidiaries formed in 2015, is based in Salt Lake City, and aims to revolutionize patient care through predictive data analytics, novel gene-based diagnostics and companion therapeutics through its wholly owned subsidiaries Predictive Therapeutics and Predictive Biotech.  These subsidiaries are focused on endometriosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and human cell and tissue products.  The subsidiaries use genetic and other information as cornerstones in the development of new diagnostics that assess a person’s risk of illness and therapeutic products designed to identify, prevent and treat diseases more effectively.

Since 2003, Taueret Laboratories, based in Salt Lake City, has provided dozens of clinical DNA tests and a full range of custom genomic services. The company focuses on clinical and discovery work for human infertility and genetic conditions affecting women and children. Testing is performed using state-of-the-art instrumentation at a College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) accredited facility. The lab is active in new test and technology development and collaborates with numerous federal, state, and local agencies, universities, commercial laboratories, and private clients.

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The acquired assets include: (i) approximately 1,000 degenerative disc disease-related DNA samples, related family records, relevant clinical records (including approximately 600 affected probands) and 800 ancestry matched control samples, (ii) whole exome sequencing data on approximately 300 degenerative disc disease samples, over 800 local controls, and published reference populations, together with initial analysis of the markers, and (iii) exclusive use of a DNA biobank that has collected over 300,000 samples for multiple diseases that the Company may target.

“Although our focus remains on endometriosis, the acquisition of these key DNA and ancestry assets significantly strengthens our development platforms to commercialize gene-based diagnostics and biotechnology treatments for other debilitating diseases, such as additional difficult-to-diagnose women’s health diseases and degenerative disc disease.”

“These assets are complementary to our recent acquisition of Inception Dx, which included ancestry database records for over 31.9 million individuals for use in genetics research. With Inception Dx, we are now positioned to further develop the assets acquired from Taueret Laboratories.” – Bradley Robinson, CEO of Predictive Technology Group.