Predictive Laboratories Hits The 200 Participant Milestone In Their Chronic Pain Study

Pixabay License | Source:  Gerd Altmann , no changes made.
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Predictive Technology Group, Inc., a leader in the use of data analytics for disease identification and subsequent precision therapeutic intervention, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Predictive Laboratories has reached an enrollment milestone of 200 participants in its ongoing Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved study of spine and joint disease leading to chronic pain.

Predictive Technology Group aims to revolutionize patient care through predictive data analytics, novel gene-based diagnostics and companion therapeutics through its subsidiaries Predictive Therapeutics, Predictive Biotech, and Predictive Laboratories.

Based in Salt Lake City Predictive Laboratories owns significant next-generation sequencing and genotyping assets along with extensive protocols, quality and laboratory management systems and other resources required by a “high complexity” molecular diagnostic laboratory operating under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA).

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The primary objective of the IRB study is to conduct genetic research related to healthcare advancement in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions causing chronic pain. The first 200 participants have volunteered for the study by submitting their DNA samples to the Predictive Biorepository and by reporting detailed medical information through their healthcare providers. Predictive Laboratories, Inc. is the sponsor of the study. Kenneth Ward, MD, Laboratory Director of Predictive Laboratories, serves as Principal Investigator.

“One in five American adults suffer with chronic pain and the use of opioids to address pain has led to an epidemic of addiction and overdose as sufferers attempt to find relief.” … “Patients have embraced the opportunity to enroll in this research study and participate in the search for a better solution to chronic pain. The Predictive Biorepository’s genetic and analytic capabilities are expected to add to an already robust pipeline of genetic data that will assist in the ongoing discovery of diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments for disease.” – Bradley Robinson, CEO of Predictive Technology Group

“We are excited about achieving this initial milestone as we work to build a foundation for the advancement of medicine to solve real problems for real people.” … “Establishing these genetic building blocks is truly how the promise of personalized medicine will move toward reality.” – Rick W. Obray, M.D., Chairman of Predictive’s Clinical Advisory Board