Portable, Compact 2D Barcode Tube Reader (Azenta)

Portable, Compact 2D Barcode Tube Reader (Azenta)
Single-handed tube reading using a Handheld 2 (courtesy: Azenta Life Sciences)
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The Ziath Handheld 2 tube reader from Azenta Life Sciences sets the benchmark for rapid and accurate reading of individual 2D barcoded sample tubes.

Portable, Compact 2D Barcode Tube Reader (Azenta)
Close-up of Handheld 2 data screen (courtesy: Azenta Life Sciences)

The Handheld 2 is a powerful, portable tube reader that can be held and operated in one hand, leaving the other free for tube handling.

The intuitive device software comes pre-loaded and boots up immediately allowing you to read tube codes, review or edit the tube contents, and use preloaded “pick lists” to check off individual tubes as they are retrieved from the freezer. These four functions are displayed on the Handheld 2 screen with large icons so that method selection is easy even when wearing protective gloves.

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Compatible with all 2D Datamatrix coded tubes, the Handheld II connects via Wi-Fi to your desktop PC enabling you to remotely upload and download files. This remote functionality allows you also to upload a list of tubes that you need, then take your Handheld 2 reader to the freezer and use the Pick List function to check each tube off after storage retrieval.

Editing sample data ‘on the fly’ is easy with a Handheld 2 tube reader. Using a Wi-Fi connection, if an aliquot is from a tube, you can simply update your central inventory management system remotely.

With a battery life of up to a week – the Handheld 2 is a true sample management workhorse. To learn more about the Handheld 2 single tube reader, please visit Azenta Life Sciences at https://www.azenta.com/products/ziath-handheld-2-tube-reader