NOVA Medical School Launches CHAIN Biobank for Global Health Research

The new biobank in Portugal enhances scientific exploration with diverse biological samples.

NOVA Medical School Launches CHAIN Biobank for Global Health Research
(Photo credit: NOVA Medical School)
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NOVA Medical School in Lisbon recently launched the CHAIN Biobank, marking a significant advancement in health research. This biobank serves as a central biorepository for a wide range of human biological samples, including blood, bone, urine, and associated clinical data. It is a critical resource for scientific studies, facilitating the discovery of new biomarkers and the development of novel therapies.

The CHAIN Biobank is designed to support both national and international researchers and health professionals. It offers a diverse collection of samples, encompassing both healthy and diseased specimens, to assist in various research endeavors. The facility is well-equipped with a laboratory for sample reception and processing, a specialized lab for potentially contaminated samples, and a storage room with -80°C freezers. Impressively, it currently houses 41,452 samples from 11,751 participants.

Vice-Dean for Research of NOVA Medical School, Patrícia Calado, emphasized the dual significance of the biobank. It represents not only the school’s ongoing commitment to research but also its active role in community health. Calado expressed confidence that the CHAIN Biobank would substantially contribute to enhancing global health through its vital role in developing new therapies. This initiative underscores NOVA Medical School’s dedication to improving health outcomes worldwide through research and innovation.

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