Matrix Gemini Biobank Management LIMS Includes New Monitoring And Maintenance Solutions

Matrix Gemini BioBank Manager. Source: Autoscribe Informatics.
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The Matrix Gemini Biobank Management System from Autoscribe Informatics now offers even greater versatility with the inclusion of environmental monitoring and equipment calibration and maintenance monitoring capabilities. Matrix Gemini Biobanking provides a highly configurable environment for all aspects of biobank, biorepository and clinical trials management. It is an ideal and proven solution for managing bio-samples (such as blood, tissue, DNA etc.) that assists with regulatory compliance requirements.

Founded in 1981, with offices in the UK, USA and Australia, and distributors around the world, Autoscribe Informatics offers industry leading, configurable, future-proof database management applications.

Autoscribe’s worldwide team of LIMS, scientific and business software professionals are passionate about delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. They leverage highly configurable solutions and over 30 years of experience to help customers automate their processes to work more efficiently, provide real cost savings, and remain regulatorily compliant.

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Fridges, freezers, cryopreservation tanks, and other equipment requiring maintenance are critical to the operation of biobanks. The Instrument Calibration and Maintenance System (ICMS) component of Matrix Gemini allows the status of each item of equipment to be tracked automatically, including availability, maintenance events, and more. Automatic reminders of scheduled events are provided.

The addition of the environmental monitoring module allows for rooms and storage vessels to be monitored for temperature and other environmental conditions such as contamination. It can also be used for temperature mapping within freezers and refrigerators for the identification of hot or cold spots, which can be displayed graphically.

Complete location recording, from room to freezer, to shelf, to sample container position is made easy with Matrix Gemini’s container view, allowing customizable graphical representation of the different container types. A full audit trail of all changes is provided, together with storage location auditing and reconciliation with chain of custody reporting. Samples can be tracked when they are removed for research, facilitating inventory and correct disposal procedures.



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