Matrix Covid LIMS Provides Fast Start for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories

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Autoscribe Informatics has announced the release of a LIMS specifically optimized for Covid testing. The Matrix Covid LIMS is pre-configured for fast deployment into laboratories performing Covid testing. The solution has already been deployed in several clinical diagnostic laboratories to drive efficiency and aid identification of Covid positive cases in the fight against the global pandemic.

Matrix Covid LIMS incorporates all the essential elements required to provide a work management and test reporting platform for laboratories. Functions include managing incoming Covid test requests, rapid accessioning of samples, automated result import from test instruments, built-in validation and approval management, and automated creation and dispatch of Covid Fit-to-Fly certificates and/or certificates of analysis (CofA). Matrix Covid LIMS may be deployed on-premise or in the cloud to suit the I.T. needs of a client.

“The Clinical diagnostic laboratory market is expanding quickly to fulfil the need for fast turn-around PCR testing, allowing business and leisure travel to restart in earnest. This has been seen first in the UK and USA, our key markets, but will ripple around the globe as vaccination levels rise and countries open back up,” said Steve Boother, Managing Director, Autoscribe Informatics. “Covid-19 has become endemic, requiring long term rapid testing solutions both at our borders and within our communities. Matrix Covid LIMS provides an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for Covid testing laboratories that they can deploy quickly to manage volume sample testing. Our fastest install during this Covid pandemic has been in under half a day”.

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A highly flexible solution, Matrix Covid LIMS can be supplied with built-in configuration tools allowing the customer to alter the system and extend it as needed to suit any diagnostic or QC testing laboratory requirements. This allows laboratories to extend their initial business plan beyond Covid testing and provide a wide range of clinical, biological, chemical and QC testing capabilities. Autoscribe Informatics’ configuration tools are based around a visual editor, and use drag-and-drop, point-and-click methodology to modify screens. This no code development platform (NCDP) allows workflows to be adapted through the life of the system without developing, modifying, or changing the software. The separation of configuration and software ensures new software releases are easier to install, allowing new features to be incorporated as they become available in the LIMS without major rework and disturbance. It means that clinical diagnostic laboratories can expand into other testing activities as their business expands in the sure knowledge that their LIMS will be able to cope.