Lifebit and Boehringer Ingelheim Partner Up to Maximize the Value of Biobank Data for Innovative Medicines

Lifebit and Boehringer Ingelheim Partnership
Lifebit and Boehringer Ingelheim Partner Up to Maximize the Value of Biobank Data for Innovative Medicines
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Computational science is revolutionizing the world in many ways. Hundreds of new fields and disciplines have emerged with countless opportunities and possibilities. The digital revolution has reached all sectors of modern society, including biomedical research and health care. Almost all industries and companies use this technology, but it is vital for pharmaceutical companies. Data from clinical trials, biobanks, electronic health records, as well as supply chain and production data that are available in massive amounts, with the potential to provide us with better knowledge about how certain diseases originate and how they can be cured, and also helps to provide new treatments to patients faster.

In addition to scientific use of biosamples and appropriate use and access procedures, digitalization or computational biology can offer biobanks great opportunities to enhance their performance. The advantage of this technology to researchers is that they will be able to perform analyses and computations closer to where the data resides while also being able to link other data sources virtually. In turn, faster insights from data will lead to accelerated benefits for patients.

Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s largest research-driven pharmaceutical companies, and Lifebit Biotech, Ltd., a leader in precision medicine software, has announced a collaboration that will enable Lifebit Biotech to assist Boehringer Ingelheim in building a scalable data, analytics, and infrastructure platform. Lifebit’s CloudOS platform is a fundamental key element of the partnership – an advanced and secure platform being used by increasing numbers of researchers worldwide. Translational disease insights can be accessed from large healthcare biobanks and used for drug discovery and precision medicine through this platform.

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