iSpecimen Marketplace Reports Robust Growth

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iSpecimen has announced that researchers and suppliers are joining the iSpecimen Marketplace at a robust rate, with both populations more than doubling yearly since the Marketplace was introduced in mid-2017.

iSpecimen Marketplace 2.0 was recently launched. The newly enhanced platform remains free for researchers and suppliers to join. The Marketplace 2.0 now provides access to 25 million clinical remnants annually.

Founded in 2012, the marketplace for human biospecimens, iSpecimen has its head office in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. The company aims to provide researchers with the samples they need from the most appropriate sources.

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The online platform called iSpecimen Marketplace was developed to connect healthcare institutions such as hospitals, which generate surplus biomaterial, that would otherwise go to waste, with scientists in need of samples for their health research.

iSpecimen has signed up more than 100 new marketplace suppliers – hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers and other healthcare organizations – in the last two years. Nearly 1,000 research organizations have also joined the marketplace, more than three times the total of 2017.

“Researchers are steadily discovering that the iSpecimen Marketplace streamlines and centralizes the entire procurement process, and suppliers are discovering that the marketplace helps them fulfill their missions while strengthening their sustainability through incremental revenue.” … “We’ve reached critical mass on both sides of the biospecimen procurement transaction, bringing great efficiencies to both researchers and specimen providers.” – iSpecimen Founder and CEO Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD

“This new era of precision medicine puts increasing demands on researchers who need very specific specimens that have been difficult to procure.” … “We’re addressing the obstacles head-on, steadily aggregating suppliers, inventories, and data so that scientists can spend less time searching for biospecimens and more time on their critically important research. We expect our robust growth to continue for the foreseeable future and believe that our success ultimately translates into better healthcare for all.” – iSpecimen Chief Operating Officer Jill Mullan