iSpecimen Marketplace® Expands Access To Hematopoietic Stem And Immune Cells

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iSpecimen, devoted to supporting life science researchers who urgently pursue breakthroughs, has partnered with new providers of diseased and healthy hematologic tissue to offer one of the industry’s largest, most integrated networks of donors and collection sites available while addressing proliferating demand for hematopoietic stem and immune cell products.

Founded in 2012, headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, iSpecimen is the marketplace for human biospecimens, providing researchers with the specimens they need from the patients they want. The privately held company has developed the iSpecimen Marketplace, an online platform connecting healthcare organizations that have access to patients and specimens with the scientists who need them.

Proprietary cloud-based technology enables researchers to intuitively search for specimens and patients across a federated partner network of hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers, and other healthcare organizations. Researchers easily and compliantly gain access to specimens to drive scientific discovery. Partner sites gain an opportunity to contribute to biomedical discovery as well as their bottom line. Ultimately, healthcare advances for all.

Featured Partners

iSpecimen continues to expand its partner network around the world, enabling researchers to efficiently procure bone marrow aspirate, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (normal and mobilized), and whole blood—all with corresponding donor profile/clinical data from healthy and diseased donors. Researchers today increasingly use these types of tissue and cell products in their work to develop stem cell therapies, immunotherapies, vaccines, diagnostics, new treatments for infectious and autoimmune diseases, and in cell-based assays to advance drug discovery and preclinical development.

iSpecimen has also upgraded the iSpecimen Marketplace experience for hematopoietic and immune cell customers, enabling a uniquely convenient and customizable online product selection experience. Now, researchers can easily refine their specimen selections involving numerous parameters such as HLA type (low and high resolution), blood type, body mass index, ethnicity, race, age, and gender. The iSpecimen Marketplace also offers the industry’s most comprehensive donor screening capability, permitting researchers to select the required scope of infectious disease testing such as CMV, hepatitis (B&C), HIV, West Nile Virus, syphilis, Chagas, and more.

“Hematopoietic stem and immune cells are used in some of the newest and most exciting medical science occurring today.” … “There is a clear market trend towards increasing supply chain efficiency while maintaining a high level of regulatory compliance, data integrity, product selection, speed, and scalability. With the iSpecimen Marketplace, everything is in one place online, streamlining the procurement of specimens much like popular websites do for flights, cars and hotels.” – Wayne Vaz, Vice President of Growth and Corporate Development