iSpecimen Marketplace Adds Expert Advisory Board

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The marketplace for human biospecimens, iSpecimen has its head office in Lexington, MA, USA. The company aims to provide researchers with the samples they need from the most appropriate sources. The company is privately held and developed the online platform called iSpecimen Marketplace to connect healthcare institutions such as hospitals which generate surplus biomaterial, which would otherwise go to waste, with scientists in need of samples for their health research which could lead to better treatments in the future. The marketplace is cloud-based and allows to search the iSpecimen database of partnered hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centres, and other healthcare organisations. The platform allows scientists to access regulatory compliant specimens easily, and iSpecimen partners contribute to advancing healthcare research and are compensated for doing so. Patients, scientists and healthcare organisations win.

In recognition of this biotech, pharmaceutical, and academia has signed on in the hundreds searching for samples for research. The marketplace provides access to one million banked samples and 25 million clinical remnants per year. Biofluids, solid tissue, and even viable cells are on offer. The opportunity exists to request samples that are not currently available for procurement.

Featured Partners

iSpecimen has established an expert panel of partners and industry vetrans to advise the company on its mission of supplying biomedical researchers with the biospecimens they need. The iSpecimen Advisory Board will meet quarterly and offer the company insights into strategy and operations.

The board includes:

Robert Babkowski, M.D., Chair of Pathology, Stamford Hospital, Andy Brooks, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of Rutgers University’s RUCDR Infinite Biologics, Martin Ferguson, Ph.D., Consultant, National Cancer Institute, Bradley Malin, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Bill O’Donnell, former Chief Architect, Kayak, Ed Trautman, Ph.D., VP, Informatics & Analytics, LabCorp, Jim Vaught, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Biopreservation & Biobanking Journal.

“Our mission is collaborative, so we naturally are eager to officially enlist these respected advisors to share their ideas, wisdom, and guidance,” said iSpecimen Founder and CEO Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD. “As a company, we value listening, learning and incorporating good advice in our planning and execution.”