iSpecimen Enhances Proprietary Marketplace Platform to Streamline Biospecimen Matchmaking for Researchers and Providers

New Capabilities Enable Platform to Efficiently Collect and Store Most Up-to-Date Data from Providers and Facilitate Automated, Instant Matchmaking for Researcher Requests

iSpecimen Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPC) (“iSpecimen” or the “Company”), an online global marketplace that connects scientists requiring biospecimens for medical research with a network of healthcare specimen providers, recently announced that the Company has enhanced its proprietary Marketplace platform to streamline biospecimen matchmaking for researchers and providers. The platform’s new capabilities enable iSpecimen’s Marketplace to efficiently collect and store the most up-to-date data from providers for fulfilling researcher orders at a lower cost. Over 30 unique data points will be collected and tracked, including specimen availability, accessible patient populations, storage and shipping access, viral and genetic testing capabilities and more.

“iSpecimen’s goal is to quickly give researchers access to the precise samples that they need to advance their work,” said Tracy Curley, iSpecimen’s CEO. “Our Marketplace’s new capabilities will expand the breadth of specimen types that the platform provides by retrieving the most up-to-date information on biospecimen and collection capabilities from providers in our network. As matching biospecimen supply to research demand is the foundation of our business, we are committed to continuing to improve our technology to become an even better partner to researchers and providers.”

iSpecimen’s enhanced Marketplace will also help to increase providers’ return on investment by optimizing workflows, enabling better communication, maximizing laboratory potential, and reducing provider fatigue that can result from poor matchmaking abilities.

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“As the go-to online Marketplace for researchers in need of biospecimens, iSpecimen is laser-focused on delivering seamless matchmaking between researchers and providers at all times,” added Evan Cox, iSpecimen’s Vice President, Head of Product Management. “We are a technology-driven business that streamlines the specimen procurement process using an online Marketplace platform, rather than freezer banks. These new capabilities allow us to maximize the inventory of our robust global provider network to benefit researchers around the world.”