ISBER 2021 Outstanding New Product Award Given to Bluechiip’s BoxTracker™

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) – the leading network in the global biobanking and biorepository community – has announced  that Australian company Bluechiip’s BoxTracker™ has won the 2021 Outstanding New Product Award.

The Bluechiip BoxTracker™ won the award against eight other products from around the world. An international judging panel compared technical innovation, originality, anticipated impact and value, projected viability of product and expected market demand.

ISBER said the Bluechiip BoxTracker™ was chosen as winner for a variety of reasons including that it meets a previously unknown market need and drives innovation. The judges noted that the product will be easy to use, is suitable for multiple environments and is reliable. The judges project that there will be demand for this product.

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“ISBER members eagerly await to learn the winner of our annual Outstanding New Product Award,” said the President of ISBER Piper Mullins. “This year’s winner meets a market demand. The Bluechiip BoxTracker™ provides innovation and has the potential to be used for therapeutic products as well as biobanking. Congratulations Bluechiip.”

Credit: ISBER

The Bluechiip BoxTracker™ and accompanying Handheld Reader are part of Bluechiip’s Advanced Sample Management Solution. They track and monitor samples being handled outside long-term storage, recording and linking sample identification to time and technician, while continually monitoring temperature at the cryobox level during critical transport and handling. By bridging the gaps between receipt, storage, retrieval and utilization, Bluechiip’s BoxTracker™ helps capture critical handling details, leading to productivity improvements and greater confidence.

Bluechiip’s managing director Andrew McLellan said today’s COVID pandemic, which involves the shipping of hundreds of millions of temperature-critical vaccines around the world, highlighted the importance of this sort of technology.

“Keeping track of valuable samples, particularly once they have been removed from storage to be used, is a critical part of the process,” he said. “Bluechiip’s Advanced Sample Management Solution – of which Bluechiip BoxTracker™ is a key component – is the only one that provides sample temperature with ID in cryogenic environments. Our technology operates across a wide temperature range from -196°C to over +150°C, creating the ideal system for managing sensitive samples.”