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Biobanking Software: The Users

Purchasing or changing a system to manage all of your valuable samples is a big decision. In the considerations, discussions and demonstrations that lay...

Biobanking Consent: Informing Human Subjects of the Possibilities

As researchers, we are familiar with why we have the need for biobanking regulations due to the story of Henrietta Lacks. HeLa cells survived...

Importance of LIMS for Biobanks

Any entity that stores biological samples can be called a Biobank. However, the term ‘Biobank’ is most commonly used for entities that store biological...

10 Largest Biobanks in the World

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be definitive. It was sourced from freely, openly available information on the internet. Due to the vastness...

10 Top Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) For Biobanking

Biobanks are of growing importance to a number of organizations in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and medical research due to the increased awareness of...

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