Speed is Important in Biobanking but the Promises must be Kept

Speed is Important in Biobanking but the Promises Must be Kept

Hofstadter's Law is the observation that a process will always take longer than expected, even when Hofstadter's Law is taken into account. In other words, time estimates of how long something will take to accomplish will always fall short...
Challenges in biobanking: Underutilization of Samples

Challenges in Biobanking: Underutilization of Samples

When it comes to predictions, I agree with Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr: "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future”. Nevertheless, I dare to predict that there will be some consolidation in biobanks in the next...

What can Biobanks Learn From the Current Pandemic?

More than a year ago, something happened that most of us could hardly imagine. A virus took the whole world more or less firmly in its grip. Pandemic, previously a word that very few of us knew, has now...

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