High Throughput Decapping and Recapping of Tube Racks (Azenta)

High Throughput Decapping and Recapping of Tube Racks
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The IntelliXcap™ Automated Septum Cap Decapper/Recapper from Azenta Life Sciences is a precision tube decapping / recapping instrument for use within high-throughput environments such as in biobanking, compound libraries, and other storage applications.

Offering advanced automation to increase your throughput the IntelliXcap™ provides secure sealing – eliminating the need for manual intervention, while preserving vital sample integrity.

Operating at high speed to increase your productivity, this whole rack tube decapper and capper instrument automatically removes, recaps, or disposes of septum caps from a full 96-format SBS rack of sample storage tubes as well as offering provision for capping of Azenta tubes from a cap mat.

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Fully compatible with multiple sample storage tube types from all manufacturers of SBS format tubes, the versatile instrument can be used as a standalone unit or part of a fully automated robotic system.

With no compressed air required the IntelliXcap™ is quick to install. Operated via an intuitive touch panel the instrument is truly easy-to-use. Designed to provide long term reliability over a wide operating temperature range of 15°C to 35°C – the IntelliXcap™ is a valuable addition to any high throughput sample storage lab.

For further information about the IntelliXcap™ Automated Septum Cap Decapper/Recapper please visit https://www.azenta.com/products/intellixcap-automated-septum-cap-decapper-recapper-96-format.