Exclusive Strategic Business Partnership – Trans-Hit Bio And Q&T Research

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Trans-Hit Bio based in Laval, Quebec, a worldwide biospecimen access contract research organisation (CRO), has entered into a strategic partnership with Q&T Research Sherbrooke Inc. – a dedicated research center investigating multiple therapeutics that has been operating since 1994 in Sherbrooke, Canada [1]. It is intended that this partnership will provide access for the biopharmaceutical community to plasmapheresis products from healthy donors and ambulatory patients. These products can be used to prepare, at scale, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and human blood complement which is needed by the vaccine industry.

Trans-Hit Bio led by a team of scientists with a solid background in the biomedical research field, advises and provides the biopharmaceutical industry with what it considers to be the best solutions to help design and conduct studies in various fields including oncology, infectious diseases, and central nervous system diseases. In association with a team of more than ten medical doctors, Q&T Research’s team of research specialists conduct phase II-III clinical trials and collect (biobank) human biospecimens which are needed for research in therapeutic areas such as Vaccine Development, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dermatology (e.g. psoriasis), Women’s Health, Psychiatry (mood disorders) and other specialties.

“This partnership provides us with a unique competitive advantage. Together, Trans-Hit Bio and Q&T Research offer unprecedented value for pharmaceutical and diagnostics R&D teams by extending our capability to procure high quality biospecimens such as large volumes of PBMCs or plasma collected by plasmapheresis from heathy donors or even from out-patients from the multiple health clinics working with Q&T,” said Pascal Puchois, Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Hit Bio.

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Pierre Gervais, President and Executive Director of Q&T added that: “Q&T’s expertise with Phase II-III clinical research projects provides a solid foundation of patient access and trust, and this partnership opens new doors to patients interested in contributing to medical and scientific development.”



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