Estonian National Biobank Embarks on Pioneering 10,000 Genome Sequencing with PacBio’s Revio System

European Commission and Estonian government funding supports this significant leap towards personalized medicine, contributing to the EU's 1+ Million Genomes initiative.

Estonian National Biobank Embarks on Pioneering 10,000 Genome Sequencing with PacBio's Revio System
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Key Points:

  • The University of Tartu will sequence 10,000 human genomes to advance health care insights, supported by European funding.
  • This initiative aims to enhance understanding of cardiovascular, mental health, cancer, and more, using PacBio’s Revio sequencing.
  • The Estonian Biobank project aligns with the EU’s 1+ Million Genomes initiative, contributing to global health care innovation.

The Estonian National Biobank, managed by the University of Tartu, has taken a significant step forward in the field of genomics and personalized medicine. By partnering with PacBio and utilizing the Revio HiFi sequencing system, the University aims to sequence 10,000 whole human genomes.

This ambitious project, fueled by funding from the European Commission and the Estonian government, positions Estonia at the forefront of adopting personalized medicine. The sequenced genomes will provide a wealth of data on various health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, mental health, cancer, and more, potentially revolutionizing patient care and treatment outcomes.

Professor Lili Milani, spearheading the initiative, highlights the project’s potential to enhance the Biobank‘s genetic research capabilities, especially in developing polygenic risk scores for major diseases. The decision to use Revio’s technology was based on its superior accuracy, affordability, and the unique insights it offers into the genome and epigenome.

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This project not only contributes to the European Union’s wider goal of sequencing over a million genomes but also sets the stage for future endeavors to sequence the Biobank’s entire collection. Such advancements underscore the global impact of Estonia’s commitment to healthcare innovation, making it a model for integrating genomic data into public health strategies and personalized medicine.