Estonian Biobank Launches an Innovative Portal Providing Health Insights for Over 210,000 Participants

New platform offers participants genetic health, medication compatibility, and ancestry data.

Estonian Biobank Launches an Innovative Portal Providing Health Insights for Over 210,000 Participants
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  • Portal provides personalized reports on genetic predispositions, including type II diabetes and coronary artery disease.
  • Participants receive insights into caffeine metabolism and pharmacogenetics, enhancing health awareness.
  • Questionnaires collect data on user perceptions, fostering research on genetic information’s impact on behavior.

The Estonian Biobank at the University of Tartu has introduced MinuGeenivaramu, a new online portal designed to offer participants detailed insights into their genetic health predispositions, medication compatibility, and ancestry. This platform not only provides valuable personal health information but also includes questionnaires aimed at gathering research data from users.

Through the portal, participants receive individualized reports on their risk of developing conditions such as type II diabetes and coronary artery disease, as well as information on their genetic origins and how they metabolize caffeine. The results are presented in a user-friendly manner that highlights the impact of genetics on health and emphasizes the role of lifestyle in mitigating disease risks.

With over 210,000 participants, almost a fifth of Estonia’s adult population, the biobank has made substantial progress in engaging the community. Initially, 10,000 participants were invited to test the portal in the spring, with the remaining members now gaining access to their customized genetic reports. This initiative aims to bring genetic research closer to the public, fostering a deeper understanding of personal genetic data and its implications for health.

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The portal also seeks to positively influence health behaviors by using risk assessment models tailored specifically to the Estonian population. According to the Minister of Health, Riina Sikkut, the responsible use of genetic data is crucial for advancing science and healthcare while safeguarding individual rights and data security.

Participants can access the portal using their ID-card, mobile-ID, or Smart-ID. Currently, the portal is only available in Estonian.