Compact Rack Scanner for Easy Liquid Handling Robot Integration

Ziath DataPaq™ Express
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Compatible with all 2D barcoded tube racks in SBS format, the Ziath DataPaq™ Express is the smallest footprint rack scanner currently available.

With a footprint of only slightly more than one plate / rack position, the DataPaq™ Express offers a space-saving way to integrate a fast full-rack scanner on to a liquid handling robot. Designed with a separate power and processing box, which can be positioned under your liquid handling robot and under your deck, using a DataPaq™ Express scanner frees up vital deck space.

The uniquely low form factor of the DataPaq™ Express allows liquid handling robots easy gripper access to simply pick up and dispense from racks on top of the scanner. Offering rapid image scanning and decoding in just two seconds, the camera based DataPaq™ Express will also help improve your robotic workflow.

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Baseplates and drivers are available to enable easy integration of the DataPaq™ Express with most commercial liquid handling robots, including those from Tecan, Hamilton, Perkin Elmer, Beckman, Andrew Alliance and Hi-Res Bio.

The DataPaq™ Express scanner is easy to set-up and can be ready to use only a few minutes after taking it out of the box. The fast full-rack scanner arrives fully calibrated and is ready to read all makes of SBS format 2D barcoded racks and tubes. Powerful DataPaq™ software makes it simple to export data to Excel, XML or text/CSV, and scanned images can also be saved. The DataPaq™ software can also connect with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and other databases.

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Founded in 2005, Ziath specialises in development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products using 2D DataMatrix bar-coded tubes to simplify automation processes in life science organisations, from academia, to the biotech and pharma industries. For further information please visit

Ziath Ltd specialises in instrumentation control and information management in both the academic and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors with a specialisation in the application of laboratory automation. We focus on managing large sample libraries in biobanking, biotech, public health and compound management using 2D data matrix bar-coded tubes. Ziath produce both rack readers and tube pickers for 2D tubes in racks. We are world leader in 2D-barcoded tube and rack scanners, with a large range of CMOS-camera based scanners than any other manufacturer. We design, build and maintain all our own scanners and picking devices in our Cambridge UK facility. We support our customers with free applications advice, after-sales support and upgrades to their scanners as well as a comprehensive five-year parts and three-year labour warranty.