Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s Biobank Selected as Hub for NHS Research in Liverpool

The Liverpool CRF Biobank will centralize crucial samples for groundbreaking medical research.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre's Biobank to Serve as Central Hub for Liverpool Clinical Research Facility
(Photo credit: Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)
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The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) is set to become a pivotal hub for clinical research with its Biobank becoming the central facility for the Liverpool Clinical Research Facility (CRF). This development represents a significant collaboration among CCC, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LUHFT), and Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust (LHCH), aimed at enhancing clinical research in Liverpool.

The Liverpool CRF Biobank will serve as a centralized biorepository, storing patient-donated samples from all three institutions. These samples, encompassing tissue, blood, urine, and other biological materials, are essential for future research endeavors. The choice of CCC as the host for this facility is attributed to its existing Human Tissue Authority license and its established infrastructure through its own CCC Biobank.

Experts view this biobank as a critical component in advancing medical research, particularly in disease modeling, genetics, and personalized medicine. Dr. Gillian Heap from Clatterbridge highlighted the biobank’s role in fostering integrated research and enhancing patient participation in studies. Similarly, Dr. Richard Fitzgerald emphasized the importance of collaboration in maintaining high-quality research, noting the biobank’s proximity to CCC for efficient data capture.

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Jenny Crooks of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital also expressed enthusiasm for the biobank, underscoring its potential to expedite research and improve patient outcomes. The Liverpool CRF Biobank is not just a repository of samples but a cornerstone for collaborative and innovative research, setting a new standard in the quest for medical advancements.

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