Circuit Clinical™ Partners With CUBRC Applying Machine Learning To Predict Therapy Response

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Circuit Clinical™, one of the USA’s largest integrated research organizations dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option, has announced a ground-breaking strategic partnership with CUBRC (Calspan-University at Buffalo Research Center), a company specializing in advanced data analytics, information fusion and biomedical sciences. The agreement will combine both Circuit Clinical’s unique physician network and TrialJourney, a first-of-its-kind patient engagement platform, with CUBRC’s expertise in data sciences and the development and deployment of analytical software tools.

Founded in 2014, based in Buffalo, New York, Circuit Clinical is an Integrated Research Organization, dedicated to empowering patients choosing clinical research as a care option and transforming the experience of finding and participating in clinical trials.

CUBRC is a Buffalo based independent not-for-profit research and development company specializing in the areas of Chemical, Biological and Medical Defense, Biological Sciences, Data Science and Information Fusion and Aeronautics. CUBRC has over 30 years of experience combining innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology and test facilities to help solve some of the most critical and challenging problems facing the USA. CUBRC’s mission is to make a significant, positive technological and economic impact to Western New York and New York State.

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The strategic partnership is expected to:

  • Provide Circuit Clinical access to CUBRC’s Heartwood Analytics machine learning platform to drive new insights and potential targets for drug discovery;
  • Enable Circuit Clinical and CUBRC to partner on novel NIH and DoD data science projects in healthcare and information technology; and
  • Complete the population health capabilities of Circuit Clinical as it addresses building scaled collections of clinical and genomic life science datasets.

CUBRC’s healthcare informatics team, led by Dr. John Coles, is collaborating with physicians, insurers, and medical device manufacturers to develop innovative predictive analytic methods designed to improve patient outcomes while managing cost.

“This partnership will enable CUBRC to apply its machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms to sets to provide high-confidence predictions of overall efficacy and individual patient response to new therapies.” – Mike Moskal, CIO and Senior Vice President of the Information Exploitation Sector, CUBRC