Cevitr Serves Robotic Process Automation To ReeLabs Stem Cell Bank And Healthcare Provider

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Cevitr, has automated business processes for their client ReeLabs. ReeLabs was able to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology by taking advantage of Cevitr’s unique Zero CapEx market proposition, savings-based subscription model and a Digital Workforce sitting on the cloud.

Founded in 2017, headquartered in Farnborough, UK, Cevitr Ltd serves large and small enterprises to free-up employees from performing important but mundane routine tasks, such that ever-increasing workloads are managed effectively. In doing so, they deliver incremental economic benefit to the organisation, while facilitating greater employee satisfaction through the pursuit of more challenging tasks.

Founded in 2009, headquartered in Mumbai, India, ReeLabs is a private healthcare provider that specializes in the area of stem cell research, stem cell banking and development of various stem cell-based products to address unmet medical needs. They are the recipients of the prestigious Health and Wellness Award presented by the Honorable Health Minister of India Jagat Prakash Nadda in September 2018 for pioneering stem cell technologies and regenerative medicine in India.

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Cevitr has established for ReeLabs an RPA as a Service platform (CevitrJo) based on industry standard technology complemented by two unique commercial propositions – a Zero CapEx engagement and savings-based charging model. The platform has been deployed on an Azure Cloud infrastructure and is highly resilient and scalable, having the necessary security protocols in place to ensure a high performance and secure environment to process business transactions for their clients.

A key aspect of ReeLabs’ business is Stem cell banking. ReeLabs serves expectant parents who are aware of the benefits of banking their child’s cord blood as a form of health insurance as well as the growing field of research in stem cell technology. The company is affiliated with hospitals across India and they have a specialised staff of nurses who are present at the delivery. The nurse collects the sample at birth and sends it to ReeLabs for processing and storage.

ReeLab’s processes are extremely time sensitive. Delays may result in deterioration of the sample. It is imperative that the biological processing of the sample is not impeded by the lack of efficiency in business processes.

ReeLabs identified business processes that were causing bottle necks and inefficiencies and decided to automate them using Cevitr’s cloud based Digital Workforce. The processes are in the areas of financial reconciliation, lead creation, incentive monitoring and compliance.

According to the company, since deploying RPA, ReeLabs achieved a 50% reduction in cost and a 90% reduction in processing time with no upfront client investment. All this was completed from idea to deployment in a matter of 22 days.

“As the company grows, the use of software within the organisation evolves. Customized solutions built by small software companies are unable to merge or correlate data to software like Salesforce. The transfer of data still has to be done manually. By deploying RPA, managers are now able to get cross platform reports from Spoors, SAP and Salesforce without employing manual labor. Cevitr’s RPA as a Service platform has enabled us to realise business benefits very quickly.” – Meena Pophale, Head of Operations, ReeLabs

“Healthcare is a sector that will significantly benefit from the RPA as a Service model. Signing on Reelabs as a customer and delivering significant value in such a short span of time using our platform has been a rewarding experience,” – Jaideep Mudholkar, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cevitr


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