Canopy Biosciences Adds Biobanking And Multiplex Cytometry Technology By Acquiring Zellkraftwerk

CC BY-ND 2.0 | Source:  NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Science , no changes made.
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Canopy Biosciences™, LLC, a leading provider of gene editing and gene expression products and services, has acquired Zellkraftwerk GmbH, a leader in multiplex cytometry. Leveraging its innovative ChipCytometry platform, Zellkraftwerk offers complete workflow solutions—including both products and research services—for high-content cytometry on cells and tissues. Concurrent with the acquisition, Canopy closed a strategic growth investment from Ampersand Capital Partners.

Canopy Biosciences, headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, was formed in 2016 and has rapidly built a comprehensive platform of products and services for gene editing, gene expression analysis and regulation, and bioprocessing. Canopy’s gene editing portfolio spans easy-to-use CRISPR kits, off-the-shelf cell lines, as well as full service custom cell line engineering. Canopy has recently added RareSeq, ultrasensitive DNA sequencing to its multi-omics platform including RNAseq, NanoString gene expression analysis, and multiplexed protein detection.

Zellkraftwerk GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, manufactures ZellScanner™ ONE, the first device able to analyze more than 100 markers per cell based on the Chipcytometry technology. The device allows for deep insights into formerly unknown cell subpopulations and their state of activation, while its microfluidic chips can be additionally used for sample storage that guarantee biomarker stability for up to 24 months. Zellkraftwerk works closely with top biopharma, diagnostics, and academic scientists performing preclinical and clinical research to enhance their capabilities in sample preparation, biobanking, multiplexed protein and biomarker analysis, and data mining.

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The combination of Canopy and Zelkraftwerk creates a unique “multi-omics” company that boasts a powerful union of genomics expertise with cutting-edge cell and tissue analysis solutions to best support customers in drug development research and biomarker discovery.

“Ampersand invests in high quality teams who manage rapidly growing businesses with established leadership positions in their specific markets, and Canopy is a great example. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Ed and the rest of the Canopy management team as they expand their gene editing and genomics analysis portfolio in combination with Zellkraftwerk’s unprecedented multiplex cytometry technology.” – Frank Witney, Ph.D., Operating Partner at Ampersand and incoming Chairman of Canopy

“As the scientific community continues to appreciate the roles and relationships between genotypes, phenotypes, and the environment, the need for “multi-omic” approaches to biomarker discovery and functional biology research has never been clearer. We are excited to partner with Canopy Biosciences and Ampersand to enhance our capabilities, scale, and geographic reach in the US, Europe, and Asia as we strive to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” – Jan Detmers, Cofounder of Zellkraftwerk

“I am excited to complete the transformational acquisition of Zellkraftwerk and begin our partnership with Ampersand. Ampersand’s expertise and resources will benefit Canopy as we build a broader product and service offering for our customers, and the Zellkraftwerk acquisition provides a meaningful contribution to this strategy.” … “Zellkraftwerk founders Jan Detmers and Christian Hennig have built a truly differentiated offering within the cell and tissue analysis market, and we’re excited to add their unique expertise and technology platform to Canopy Biosciences.” – Edward Weinstein, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Canopy Biosciences