California Cryobank Stem Cell Services LLC Has Acquired Cord Blood America Inc

Banking for regenerative medicine. Source: Mohamed Hassan, no changes made, CC0 Creative Commons.
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California Cryobank Stem Cell Services LLC (“FamilyCord”), has recently acquired Cord Blood America Inc. (“CBAI”), joining two of the industry’s most respected stem cell companies. FamilyCord will maintain the long-term cryogenic storage of the stem cell units in its state-of-the-art biorepository.

The California Cryobank was founded in 1977 and is a world leader in frozen donor sperm and egg services, including fertility preservation. Longitude Capital and NovaQuest Capital Management count the California Cryobank and its affiliates as portfolio companies. FamilyCord founded in 1997, a subsidiary of California Cryobank, is registered with the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is accredited by the global leader in standards development, accreditation and implementation of quality systems in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, AABB.

One of the fastest growing cord blood and tissue companies in the USA, FamilyCord has approaching 100,000 units in storage. Cord blood and tissue stem cells are collected through a non-invasive and safe process and offer a powerful and potentially live-saving resource for treating cancer, blood, immune disorders and more.

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California Cryobank and FamilyCord have extensive experience in clinical laboratory management, cord blood banking and frozen tissue storage. The company has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau

FamilyCord has a specially engineered cord blood and cord tissue collection kit which is OSHA compliant and offers multiple benefits over traditional kits, including built-in temperature stabilization and a reinforced liner providing more than 4 times the standard crush protection.

“People are more aware every day of the clinical benefits of cord blood and tissue stem cells,” explains California Cryobank CEO Richard Jennings. “We are very pleased to continue providing high-quality stem cell services to the Cord Blood America families for years to come.”

“As more and more families continue to take advantage of stem cell banking, it is imperative that we as an industry do everything we can to insure that investment is protected,” says Jennings.