Biodesix to Collaborate with Datavant to Boost Value of Lung Cancer Databank

Biodesix intends to make its databank and linked data accessible to research and biopharma partners.

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Biodesix, Inc. (Nasdaq: BDSX), a leading lung cancer diagnostic solutions company, announced a strategic partnership with Datavant, a leader in helping healthcare organizations safely connect their data. Datavant provides solutions to help protect, match, and share health data.

Through this partnership, Biodesix will anonymize the lung cancer portion of their expansive sample and data biobank using Datavant’s proprietary tokenization process and connect it to multiple real-world data sets while compliantly and securely protecting patient privacy. Given the significant need for robustly curated real-world evidence (RWE) linked to outcomes, claims data, comprehensive standard of care data and biomarkers, Biodesix intends to make its databank and linked data accessible to their research and biopharma partners.

Real-world patient level data not only helps physicians improve treatment decisions, it also informs researchers and biopharma companies on key decisions throughout the product development cycle, from early discovery to late stage clinical development, including such uses as meaningful RWE synthetic control arms.

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The lung cancer-specific portion of Biodesix’s 150,000 sample and data and biobank includes both baseline and longitudinal samples with proteomic and genomic laboratory results. A portion of the database includes treatment decisions and outcomes data for patients enrolled in the Company’s ongoing INSIGHT study (NCT03289780). This unique observational study enrolls non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients across all stages and histologies collecting blood draws at baseline and serially at progression. The dataset records the treatment plan, clinical characteristics and will track three-year outcomes for all NSCLC patients from 33 academic and community clinical practices. By linking this data to other datasets, the partnership will provide a more complete longitudinal view of patient health, while protecting patient privacy.

“In our partnerships with our research and biopharmaceutical partners, they continually look for data sets that reflect the real world,” stated Dr. Paul Beresford, Chief Business Officer of Biodesix. “With our database and biospecimen repository now linked to the Datavant ecosystem, we can help our partners address a range of clinical, reimbursement and biomarker questions in lung cancer. Specifically, our partners will benefit from the expanded information to help discover biomarker-driven targeted therapies. Also, we expect the data to be used for clinically relevant synthetic control arms to help design and execute clinical trials that will ultimately broaden patient access to life-changing drugs. We look forward to enhancing our data set and increasing the value we provide our biopharma partners through our partnership with Datavant.”

“We are excited to work with Biodesix to provide faster and better-informed decisions, thus improving patient’s quality of life and care,” said Travis May, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Datavant. “We believe connecting the rich Biodesix data to other sources of real-world data will advance the diagnoses, treatment and research in lung cancer.”