StarExpert LLC

Biobank Description

The company is the group of professionals with great expertise in biobanking.

The company Partnership Network includes more than 60 hospitals and clinics in Russia and we expand the list every day.

The company has a collection of human biological samples with associated medical data in stock.

The company finds samples that meet specific requirements to ensure the success of research and development.

The company сollect, processing, storage and distribution of biological samples of humans and animals (Macaca mulatta, Macaca fascicularis, Papio hamadryas and other animals) in line with the ethical requirements (Highest ethical standards) and guidelines.

The company works with any types of samples of biological materials (samples), including infectious substances.

The samples of human biological materials include samples of cells, tissues, biological fluids of humans, secretions, products of human life, physiological and pathological excretion, smears, scrapings, swabs used for diagnostic and scientific purposes, intended for external quality control studies, including carrying out of reference studies, or obtained in the process of biomedical and / or preclinical researches.

Human biological fluids represent fluids produced by the human body, including, among others, amniotic fluid, pus, blood, lymph, sputum, bile, colostrum, urine, prostate secretion, mucus membranes, synovial fluid, semen, cerebrospinal fluid, tissue fluid, pleural fluid, nasal mucus, perspiration, transudate, earwax and exudate.

Express delivery is carried out by means of road and air transportation in accordance with the customers’ requirements, in compliance with the required temperature conditions (+15 … + 25C, +2 … + 8C, -15 …- 25C, — 60 …- 80C, -150 …- 210C) using modern packaging materials.

Delivery of human biological materials samples from Russia to the UK, USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Canada, Estonia, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Australia is carried out in a time period from 24 to 72 hours.

Biobank Ownership
International Collaboration
Commercial , Non-Commercial
Sample/Data Access
Only Through Collaboration
Viktor Bobrov
Date Established
Certified by Accredited Body
Biobanking Network
Collection Information
Donor Count
25001 - 50000
Total Sample Quantity
25001 - 50000
Specimen Origin
Human - Adult
Human - Pediatric
Tissue (Fresh)
Tissue (frozen)
Tissue (FFPE)
Whole Blood
Peripheral Blood Cells
Buffy Coat
Cell Lines
Stem Cells
Primary Cells
Bone Marrow
Cerebrospinal Fluid
Amniotic Fluid
Synovial fluid
Data Type
Donor Clinical Data
Medical Records
Pathology Records
Survey Data
Biobanking Services
Contact Information
151 Leninskiy Prospekt, Lit. A, office 530A , 196247, Russia
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