Signature Bank

Biobank Description

The Signature Bank is located in at the CRIUSMM, the Research Center of the Institute of Mental Health of Montreal, (Quebec, Canada).

The objectives of the Signature Bank of medical, psychosocial, and human biological material are:
• To advance mental health research,
• To assess the physical and mental health of volunteers admitted to the Montreal Mental Health University Institute.
• To enable clinicians to tailor treatment based on meaningful psychosocial and medical indicators.
It aims to collect, on the one hand, medical and psychosocial data and, on the other hand, human biological material from users consenting to participate in the project and from the brief intervention programs (emergency), the psychotic disorders program, and the mood disorders program of the Montreal Mental Health University Institute.

Over the course of the project, four signatures are collected from participants at critical moments in their clinical pathway, in order to understand their crisis, their response to treatment, and the success of their rehabilitation. The Signature protocol includes two different groups.
– In the “emergency” group, there are no exclusion criteria, so any patient admitted to the ER may participate
– In the “longitudinal follow-up” group, in order to continue, participants must have been admitted to one of two programs targeted by the project: the anxiety and mood disorder (AMD) program or the first psychotic episode (FPE) program.

Biological data :

Specimens are collected from participants’ blood, hair and saliva.
Ils sont entreposés pour être analysés ultérieurement.
Dans le cas des marqueurs métaboliques, ils sont analysés immédiatement et fournis aux équipes traitantes.

Psychosocial and clinical data:

Participants answered questionnaires about their psychological, cognitive and social states.
Data are collected with the help of an application installed on an iPad and sent to the database in a secure manner.
Psychiatrists receive results for their patients on their own iPad, while the clinical team is able to consult a hard copy.

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Stephane Guay
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1001 - 5000
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50001 - 100000
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Human - Adult
Peripheral Blood Cells
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Biomarker Datasets
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