Precision Ocular Biobank

Biobank Description

Advancing Sight Network (ASN) is a certified 501c3 nonprofit organization and an accredited member of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) and its headquarters are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a human tissue facility under FEI # 3001236642. Its affiliates operating in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana are also accredited with the EBAA and registered with the FDA as human tissue facilities: Mississippi Lions Eye Bank FEI # 3000215041; MidSouth Eye Bank for Sight Restoration FEI # 1000524671; Southern Eye Bank FEI # 3000215034.

The Precision Ocular Biobank (POB) is a division of ASN specializing in biobanking and distributing ocular tissue for research. The POB is registered with the International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) and is certified through the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet). The POB program (Protocol #20- POB-101) has been reviewed and approved (9/04/2020) by an independent Institutional Review Board, Pearl IRB (organization number: 0006471, registration number: 00007772). The POB is a registered supplier on

All donation procedures and processes practiced by ASN are consistent with the legal requirements of and protections afforded under the Alabama Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 2016 (UAGA); AL Code 22-19-160 – 22-19-184, the Mississippi Revised UAGA of 2016; MS Codes 41-39-101 – 41-39-149, the Tennessee Revised UAGA of 2010; TN Codes 68-30-101 – 68-30-403, and the Louisiana revised UAGA of 2010; LS Revised Statutes RS 17:2351 – 17:2359. Only de-identified biological samples and data from fully authorized deceased donors are shared with approved researchers, thereby not constituting research involving human subjects.

Biobank Ownership
International Collaboration
Sample/Data Access
Open to Applicants
Dr. Gregory H Grossman
Date Established
Certified by Accredited Body
Biobanking Network
Collection Information
Donor Count
1001 - 5000
Total Sample Quantity
10001 - 25000
Specimen Origin
Human - Adult
Tissue (Fresh)
Tissue (frozen)
Whole Blood
Cell Lines
Stem Cells
Primary Cells
Data Type
Donor Clinical Data
Downstream Data
Followup Records
Freezer Temperature Logs
Genetic Data
Imaging Data
Medical Records
Pathology Records
Quality Indicators
Sample Management Data
Biobanking Services
Contact Information
500 Robert Jemison RD Birmingham, Alabama , 35209, United States
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