Biobank Description

Cytologics is a leading provider of human immune cell products for biomedical research, drug discovery and diagnostic development around the world. The company supports science researchers in procuring human biologic material by bringing together a team of industry experts, a best-in-class cell processing laboratory and an expansive biobank of well-characterized donors. Cytologics is renowned for its broad array of HLA-typed PBMCs and purified immune cell products. Visit to learn more how Cytologics can advance your research.

Biobank Ownership
International Collaboration
Sample/Data Access
Open to Applicants
Michael Rudy, MD
Date Established
Certified by Accredited Body
Biobanking Network
Collection Information
Donor Count
5001 - 10000
Total Sample Quantity
50001 - 100000
Specimen Origin
Human - Adult
Whole Blood
Peripheral Blood Cells
Buffy Coat
Primary Cells
Data Type
Donor Clinical Data
Downstream Data
Freezer Temperature Logs
Biobanking Services
Contact Information
1655 Elmwood Ave # 200C, Rochester, NY , 14620, United States
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