Cardiff University Biobank (CUB)

Biobank Description

The Cardiff University Biobank (CUB) is housed in a brand new, purpose-built facility at the University Hospital of Wales. The facility provides a large storage space for up to 900,000 biological samples including blood, urine, tissue and saliva. Patients and healthy volunteers kindly donate these biological samples to enable researchers to gain a deeper understanding of diseases. The samples are crucial in allowing researchers to find better ways to diagnose, prevent, treat and possibly find a cure to a wide range of medical conditions. Samples can be stored in both ultra-low temperature freezers and vapour phase liquid nitrogen, with additional storage at -20°C, +4-6°C and at room temperature.

We also have dedicated lab space for sample processing and a phlebotomy suite for sample collection. The facility adheres to all relevant quality standards in biobanking and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management system.

The Cardiff University Biobank is able to provide a range of different services for researchers, including provision of stored or fresh samples as well as processing and storage of samples. What we offer:

Stored samples – We have a number of collections of fixed and frozen samples stored within the facility. They cover a wide variety of different disease areas, with our Biobank currently expanding on these collections.

Fresh samples – We can provide a number of different sample types as fresh tissue. These can be sourced and distributed to researchers when they become available.

New prospective collections – Requests can be made to begin a new prospective collection if we do not currently collect the samples you require. This may be collecting samples for a specific project or starting up a generic collection that you believe could be useful in the future.

Processing and storage – We are able to undertake some basic processing of samples and then store them within the facility on a long-term basis. We can also spin and aliquot liquid samples and dissect tissue samples. Further processing can be provided through the Biobank in coordination with other Cardiff University facilities.

Biobank Ownership
International Collaboration
Commercial , Non-Commercial
Sample/Data Access
Open to Applicants , Only Through Collaboration, Ristricted Access
Dr Kate Shires
Date Established
Certified by Accredited Body
Collection Information
Donor Count
1001 - 5000
Total Sample Quantity
50001 - 100000
Specimen Origin
Human - Adult
Human - Pediatric
Tissue (Fresh)
Tissue (frozen)
Tissue (FFPE)
Whole Blood
Peripheral Blood Cells
Buffy Coat
Cell Lines
Stem Cells
Primary Cells
Bone Marrow
Cerebrospinal Fluid
Amniotic Fluid
Synovial fluid
Data Type
Biomarker Datasets
Donor Clinical Data
Followup Records
Freezer Temperature Logs
Quality Indicators
Sample Management Data
Survey Data
Biobanking Services
Contact Information
Cardiff University Biobank, Cardiff University, University Hospital of Wales, Dental Drive, Heath Park Cardiff, South Glamorgan , CF14 4AX, United Kingdom
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