Biobank at University Hospital in Pilsen, Biobanka Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň

Biobank Description

Biobank at University Hospital in Pilsen, Czech Republic is a hospital integrated biobank specialized mainly on blood, plasma and serum samples of oncology patients from the Pilsen Region. It is a part of the Department of Immunochemistry Diagnostics (DID) of the University Hospital Pilsen, that is the largest laboratory of this type in the Czech Republic. It carries out a total of 100 different types of analytical examinations. It serves for the whole Pilsen – South Bohemian region.

Laboratory is specialised in the examination of prostate specific antigen (PSA) and other associated biomarkers of prostate cancer with the aim to improve the diagnosis, in the Pilsen Region.

DID closely collaborates with other departments such as Urology, Imaging, Surgery. DiD serves for Charles University (Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen), University of West Bohemia, and University of Pardubice.

Part of the DID is the biobank, which primarily serves for research purposes in the field of oncology (prostate, colorectal, breast, and lung cancers), collecting blood, serum and plasma samples. All samples are associated with necessary information for research, diagnosis and treatment.

Biobank is a member of European infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC, member of ESBB and ISBER, and is a partner in several collaborations and projects (national and international).
Several numbers:

No. of immunochemical analyses per year 300,000
No. of analyses for research purposes 30,000
No. of samples in biobank 60,000
No. of employees 25

Biobank Ownership
International Collaboration
Sample/Data Access
Only Through Collaboration
Collection Information
Donor Count
5001 - 10000
Total Sample Quantity
25001 - 50000
Specimen Origin
Human - Adult
Whole Blood
Data Type
Biomarker Datasets
Followup Records
Medical Records
Biobanking Services
Contact Information
Edvarda Benese 1128/13, Pilsen, Czech Republic , 305 99, Czech
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