BC Platforms and Crestar Labs Partner

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BC Platforms, a world leader in secure genomic data management and analytics, has announced that it has formed a partnership with Crestar Labs, a US-based clinical diagnostic reference laboratory offering CLIA certified services to healthcare providers to support informed decision making around patient care. BC Platforms will provide Crestar with its customizable, modular platform which includes its genomic data management tools and clinical reporting hub to support Crestar’s cancer screening initiatives and pharmacogenetic reporting in order to help streamline and automate their offering in precision healthcare.

BC Platforms, founded in 1997 from an MIT Whitehead project spinoff, is in the business of powerful genomic data management and analysis solutions. The company operates a Global Network of Biobanks known as BCRQUEST.COM, a streamlined solution for secure data sharing, analytics and governance, enabling greater collaboration for scientific innovation.

BC Platforms has global operations with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, research and development in Helsinki, Finland, and sales and marketing in London, Boston, and Vancouver. The company’s vision is to build the world’s leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry by 2020.

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Crestar Labs is a clinical diagnostic reference laboratory based in Spring Hill, Tennessee and offers services to clinics, laboratories, employers and health care organizations. The company’s aim is to assist healthcare providers with making informed decisions for their patients, using the most advanced technologies available.

“We are delighted to partner with BC Platforms, a leader in integrating and analyzing genomic and clinical data. Our mission is to provide clinically actionable reports to providers by shifting to a molecular focus on healthcare that mirrors the field’s shift to precision medicine. BC Platforms’ technology will provide us with the necessary framework to achieve our mission whilst enabling the flexibility to plan for new initiatives and growth by scaling up through additional modules as needed.” – Jennifer Kunic, Technical Supervisor of Genetics at Crestar Labs

“We look forward to working with Crestar and supporting them in growing their offering for precision medicine and cancer diagnostics. Our streamlined and scalable approach will enable them to manage their data and grow their initiatives with the ultimate mutual goal of improving the care of patients.” – Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms


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