B Medical Systems’ Vaccine Cold Chain Solutions Support Countries Around the World for the Efficient Roll Out of COVID-19 Immunisation Programs

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To be able to run successful and effective COVID-19 immunisation campaigns, governments and organisations around the world need to ensure that a reliable vaccine cold chain for the safe storage and transport of their vaccines is set up to protect the doses from temperature variations that could result in them losing their potency.

B Medical Systems S.a r.l, a global leader in vaccine cold chain solutions and a leading manufacturer of medical refrigeration equipment has been supporting governments, health institutions and NGOs around the globe to ensure the COVID-19 vaccine doses are safely stored at the right temperatures at all times and transported in reliable transport boxes until the last mile.

The company’s COVID-19 response portfolio includes ultra-low freezers, multi-mode vaccine refrigerators and freezers, and reliable transport boxes. With these ranges of products B Medical Systems has been successfully supporting countries like Germany, France, India, the United States, Luxembourg and more, ensuring an end-to-end reliable cold chain for all their vaccines.

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As an example, B Medical Systems worked closely with the authorities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and helped set up an end-to-end reliable cold chain from the central storage until the last mile. B Medical Systems’ Ultra-Low Freezers ensured that the central vaccine storage hub had enough storage capacity to safely store all the mRNA vaccine doses received which needed to be maintained at ultra-low temperatures. Moreover, the Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers ensured that the country was equipped to handle the storage of vaccines at 2°C-8°C and -20°C. Finally, the company’s Transport Boxes ensured that doses could be safely transported within the country. Watch the link to learn more about B Medical Systems’ COVID-19 vaccine cold chain in Luxembourg.

B Medical Systems was able to deliver a reliable Vaccine Cold Chain to the country of Luxembourg. The company’s equipment ensured that the COVID-19 vaccines received were stored optimally with zero temperature excursions, thereby ensuring no cold-chain related wastage of any dose.