Azenta Opens Its Second Largest Biorepository in the Greater Boston Region

Azenta has chosen the greater Boston area, a prominent pharmaceutical and biotechnology hub, to expand its worldwide biorepository presence.

Azenta Opens It's Second Largest Biorepository in the Greater Boston Region
Rendering of the new biorepository facility in Billerica, MA (photo credit: Azenta)
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Azenta recently announced to establish a new location in the greater Boston region. The purpose behind this expansion is to extend its global sample storage business into the Boston market. Azenta’s new facility in Billerica, MA, covering an area of 40,000 square feet, will become the company’s second-largest biorepository in sample capacity, following its flagship location in Indianapolis.

The project is utilizing an innovative and remarkably effective building design, which is providing capacity for the latest ultra-cold storage and automation technologies. The biorepository will offer storage at various temperature levels, reaching as low as -190℃, to accommodate biological samples and products that fall under GMP and GTP regulations, including cellular therapies.

The site will feature cutting-edge automation, including Azenta’s advanced cryogenic freezers and the Azenta BioStore™ automated sample repository. Azenta possesses exceptional sample management functionalities, which encompass round-the-clock visibility of collections at the individual sample level using 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant software. Just like the Indianapolis branch, the site will rely on renewable energy sources through yearly purchases of renewable energy credits, demonstrating Azenta’s dedication to sustainability and the environment.

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“We are excited to announce our new biorepository in the greater Boston area,” stated Kathi Shea, Vice President, Repository and Innovation. “After significant interest from our customers, we have decided to make a meaningful investment in our sample storage capabilities serving this innovative and growing life sciences market. The new facility will provide Boston area customers our well-established biorepository expertise with same-day access to samples. In addition, we believe this will bring true cost optimization to the Boston market, easing the high-cost real estate burden for local management of highly sensitive assets and enabling seamless archival to Indianapolis as needed.”

It is anticipated that the site will commence its operations in late 2023. The Boston biorepository marks the ninth addition to the Company’s worldwide network of repositories, which spans Europe, North America and Asia.