Autoscribe Integrates Field Sample Planning and Scheduling Management

Bringing new levels of field sampling optimization, compliance and field data collection, Autoscribe Informatics has announced the integration of Trilogy TAPS sample planning and scheduling management software with its Matrix Gemini configurable laboratory information management system (LIMS). Integration of field data collection and laboratory activities is especially useful in water, environmental, waste and similar industries.

As a leading global provider of LIMS, Autoscribe understands the value of configurable data and process management systems in the laboratory, but as Autoscribe Managing Director Steve Boother says: “By integrating TAPS with our systems, we can provide a complete solution for the field-based collection of environmental or biological samples and associated data. As well as managing field-based sampling, test results collected in the field using Trilogy’s android mobile application can now pass seamlessly to the laboratory; avoiding lost results and transcription errors while maintaining a full audit trail of actions for regulatory purposes.”

Developed in partnership with field sampling organizations, TAPS provides the ability to manage and optimize the scheduling and collection of field samples. Complex planning tools allow random site selection and timing as well as route optimization so samplers can work more efficiently. Route optimization saves time and fuel, and by effectively organizing the collection of diverse but geographically close samples the use of sampling resources is optimized.

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Growing regulatory pressure across the globe is driving the requirement for fully traceable planning, collection and reporting of field-based samples and results. In addition, customers and stakeholders expect results to be delivered in the fastest possible time, and managers need to be able to accurately determine the cost of sampling operations. The integration of TAPS with Matrix Gemini LIMS is therefore a major step forward in meeting these new challenges.

Mobile friendly

The TAPS capability is significantly enhanced by ‘HAND’ which is an Android based program that delivers several significant advantages. HAND avoids the need for hard-copy worksheets and handwritten results. It also provides a higher level of data quality assurance by automatically checking the validity of entered information, and assigning date/time and GPS data to sampling and on-site test results. Analytical result limits may be defined to gain immediate on-site verification of any problems while the sampler is still at the location. Importantly, for both samplers and managers, registered users of HAND can log in and view data 24/7. Fully integrated with TAPS and Matrix Gemini LIMS, HAND helps ensure data integrity and a complete electronic audit trail.

Integration with Matrix Gemini LIMS

Samplers have the ability to enter results in the field and on return, bar-coded sample bottles can be scanned and their associated data and results automatically imported to Matrix Gemini LIMS. Any ‘failures to collect’ can be identified and rescheduled. Once the samples are in the lab and the field data has been transferred, Matrix Gemini manages any further laboratory-based testing that is required. Once the lab tests have been completed, Matrix may automatically update TAPS.

The TAPS and HAND products were developed by Trilogy, a software systems and services company that shares Autoscribe’s mission to develop fit-for-purpose, configurable, future-proof database management applications. Trilogy Managing Director Alex Dare says: “Integration with Matrix Gemini LIMS allows field sampling information and on-site test result data to be in the laboratory even before the samples themselves. This reduces turn-around time and improves efficiency, whilst providing users with far greater control and visibility of their sampling and analysis activities.”

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