Autoscribe Highlights Laboratory Automation to Drive the “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision” at Lab Indonesia

Autoscribe Highlights Laboratory Automation to Drive the
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Autoscribe Informatics, a Xybion Company, will be highlighting how to drive laboratory automation, management, and profitability in their technical presentation at Lab Indonesia, 24-26 April 2024 in Jakarta. An essential learning tool for those driving laboratory digitization and efficiency Autoscribe will highlight how laboratories use the power of computers and laboratory software to drive automation and improve bottom-line profitability.

The presentation will discuss how successful laboratories drive speed and efficiency, by using ruthless automation, to minimize manual touchpoints across laboratory work processes. The talk explores the best practices being used in modern laboratories to manage laboratory process flows, capture, and retrieve data, and to free up laboratory staff from mundane tasks to concentrate on higher value work. The best laboratories use the power of computers and laboratory software to drive this automation and improve their bottom-line profitability.

Indonesia’s “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision” has driven increased interest in using laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to drive quality standards, improve automation and increase efficiency. Indonesia’s vision is to become the fifth largest economy in the world by 2045. As a result, the Indonesian government is actively promoting the laboratory industry’s development in order to drive technical advances across the industry, boosting productivity and quality, which in turn will drive export volumes.

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“Indonesia is amongst the fastest growing Asia-Pacific economies with 5% GDP growth in 2023”, said Jodie Poole, Asia-Pacific Director, at Autoscribe Informatics. “We are excited to engage with local laboratories through our long-term distributor, Agriya Analytica. With in-depth LIMS knowledge and local language support Agriya are ideally placed to help Indonesian laboratories drive automation and growth in order to make Indonesia’s 2045 vision a reality.”