Autoscribe Continues to Drive Technology with Matrix Gemini LIMS v6.0

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Autoscribe Informatics releases v6.0 of Matrix Gemini LIMS. V6.0 is a major technological upgrade, that also provides users with an enhanced calculation engine and additional multi language support. The extended calculation engine makes it even simpler to derive the complex final results that a laboratory needs from the raw analytical data, as well as providing support for other calculations that may be required throughout the system. Repeatedly, reliably, and automatically performing calculations is at the very heart of a LIMS solution and enables fast and accurate interpretation and validation of results in QC laboratories.

Matrix Gemini has always included the ability to translate the screen text into any language. V6.0, however, extends the functionality to provide more flexibility in the languages that are supported by the user interface. Individual users can have a user experience tailored to their needs, allowing multi-site and multi-language organizations to run a single LIMS supporting a multi-language interface.

“Our customers have become more multi-national”, said Simon Wood, Product Manager, Autoscribe Informatics. “Having a system that supports, for example, Korean, English and Japanese depending on user preference makes Matrix Gemini LIMS even more user friendly.”

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Other changes in v6.0 include support for updated reporting software to create and display management reports and certificates of analysis; and an extended set of test, substance, and sample limits to provide an even greater range of limit capabilities, with finer detail, for our clients.

 “Despite the Covid pandemic situation the Autoscribe global business growth continues along the predicted path set for the 2021/2022 financial year which allows us to continue the further development of our Matrix Gemini to the V6.0 level. This is a major upgrade in underlying technology that provides the foundation for further major new features to be introduced beyond the 6.0 version. Many of these new features are already in the product development pipeline,” said John Boother, Chairman and Founder of Autoscribe. “I am excited to see Matrix Gemini evolve to serve our growing international client base.”

Since software and user configurations are always kept strictly separate with Matrix Gemini LIMS, users can upgrade their systems without affecting the look and feel, and the current functionality, of their LIMS. This makes the system easier to support, ensures users do not get stuck on old versions, and reduces upgrade costs.