XiltriX is the only life-sciences monitoring and security company capable of delivering predictive analytics to prevent catastrophic equipment failures, streamlined reporting processes to comply with regulatory bodies and standards organizations, and a 24/7 monitoring team that keeps a watchful eye on operations when no one else is around.

Best Practices in Biobank Monitoring

Maintaining the availability and viability of biological materials and samples for research and development, as well as many other applications, requires standardization for producing,...

Automated Reporting for Biobank Monitoring

With the importance of consistent quality in biobanking storage, continuously improving biobank laboratory and facility operations is not just a good idea, it is...

The Importance of Monitoring Biobanking Laboratory Storage

Challenges with Storage for Biobanking The storage of highly sensitive materials is an important area to consider for Blood Banks, Tissue Banks, and Biobanks. There...

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