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Dr. Steven Xia, a histologist with a profound passion for scientific innovation, and a founder of Boster Bio in 1993. Coming from humble beginnings in a rural farming community, Steven defied the odds as the sole member of his village to pursue higher education and attain a PhD – a rarity in his county. Driven by a vision to address the needs of the medical and research community in early 90s China, Steven started on a journey that would shape the landscape of histology and antibody manufacturing. Starting with minimal resources in a small room scarcely larger than a pickup truck, Steven pioneered the development of proprietary reagents for histology, filling a critical gap in a market heavily reliant on imports. Today, Boster Bio stands as a testament to Steven's unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, offering high-sensitivity ELISA kits and WB/IHC compatible antibodies that empower researchers worldwide.

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